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Lanoderm 15 g

Lanoderm 15 g
Lanoderm 15 g
Lanoderm 15 g
Lanoderm 15 g
Lanoderm 15 g

Product Manual:

- Skin and skin folds infection (tinea corporis, jock itch)

- Tinea versicolor (sweat spots)

- Fungal infection of the skin such as athlete's hand, athlete's foot

- Fungal infection of nails or toenails (gray nails)

- Candida infections of the skin

- Ringworm infection of the skin (itchy and non-itchy)

- Free of steroids


- Once a day, apply to the affected area and nearby. To avoid recurrence, continue to use for 2 weeks after recovery, or use as directed by your doctor

- Wash the affected area and hands first. After the skin is dry, apply a thin layer of Pulifu Ointment with fingers on the affected area and nearby areas, and then gently massage until it is completely absorbed. To achieve better results, it is recommended to massage the affected area and nearby skin for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will help strengthen the penetration of the ointment and blood circulation in the affected area, and help promote healing

- In addition, it is recommended to apply before going to bed to prevent sweating from affecting the potency of the medicine


After the surface symptoms disappear, it must be used continuously for 2 weeks to ensure that the fungus is killed to prevent recurrence

Storage Method:

Store below 25°C and out of reach of children

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